Rosemary was critical in our family?s breastfeeding journey, without her I don?t think we would have made it. Our little guy had an unexpected stay in the NICU, which started our family off on scary footing. In his first week or so, we just couldn?t seem to get him to latch easily and I (his mama) was in a ton of nipple pain. Frankly, I didn?t know how much longer I could breastfeed. We called up Natural Latch the first weekend he was home (I may have been a little stressed and teary) and Rosemary came to our house the next day. She spent several hours assessing him, helping me with positions and listening to my long list of questions/concerns. After his frenotomy, Rosemary came back a few times to help our family get adjusted to our son?s new free tongue. She checked that his healing was going well and helped get us latching with much more ease. Our son is 8 weeks old now and I?m cuddled up in bed breastfeeding him with ease. Without her assessment and help, we wouldn?t be here. We?re very grateful! She treated us with such care and I felt she really tailored her recommendations to our needs/family instead of putting us in a breastfeeding box. I loved that!