My husband and I have had the good fortune of having Meg as our instructor for our childbirthing, breastfeeding and breastfeeding at work classes.? During our childbirthing courses, we were struck by what a wonderful educator she is.? Meg knows her content so well and is passionate about sharing it which comes across in her dynamic workshops.? Not only does she have a knack for sharing great, up-to-date content, she also has a down to earth style that makes her approachable.? So approachable that we would have liked to have asked Meg to join our family! ?It was our great fortune that we had the opportunity to continue our relationship with Meg. ?After our daughter was born we struggled with breastfeeding as she had tongue-tie and I developed a yeast infection in my breasts.? Meg was just a phone call away.? Her home visits were timely, professional and incredibly informative.? We were so thankful to have her as a resource to work with us in our home over the first few months of our daughter’s life.? As a result, breastfeeding is still the main source of nutrition for our daughter now nine months later.? Meg was instrumental in making this possible for us.