I met Meg at the very beginning of motherhood after bringing home a 4.11 oz baby who was not nursing well or thriving. ?I was beside myself with worry as my baby seemed to grow more lethargic and wasn’t gaining weight after her first week at home. ?Meg was a calm, reassuring presence that first day and helped me put together a plan to address the immediate issues – primarily getting my daughter to gain weight and become more vigorous. ?As my daughter began to grow, I met with Meg weekly to address the little things that come up.

Meg’s knowledge about breast feeding and children in general are what sets her apart. ?Beyond that, she has an ability to relay information in an easy to understand way and I truly felt like she was part of our “team” and cared for my baby and me. ?Without Meg, I would have resorted to formula for peace of mind in those early days but I’m glad to say my baby is now 3 months old and is thriving, happy and healthy. ?Thank you Meg!