I am so grateful to Meg for her ongoing support throughout my son’s first year. ?She has helped me navigate so many challenges with nursing, pumping, nutrition, and balancing parenting with work life. ?During the very trying first few weeks when we were trying to figure out why my body wouldn’t produce enough milk for Grove, I looked forward to every visit from Meg. ?She offered patient, clear latch coaching and information and also just brought a warm, supportive, kind energy into our home that helped me gradually move past feeling like a failure. ?Participating in the breastfeeding support group she facilitates brought me into a supportive community of mamas that I cherish, and also gave me the opportunity to get weekly feedback from Meg about our breastfeeding journey. ?She has continued to be available to answer questions and share her insight throughout the year. ?Even though my body will never be able to make enough milk for my baby, I am so much more confident and comfortable as a breastfeeding mama because of Meg’s support.