Meg is more than my lactation consultant. ?She is an expert in newborn health and behavior, a tireless cheerleader, and a wealth of resources and knowledge about the natural course of breastfeeding and care of the breastfeeding dyad. ?She has become like a member of our family. ?My breastfeeding experience with both of my boys was anything but normal. ?In fact, I would describe it as two of the most challenging, disheartening, emotionally draining and painful experiences in my life. ?Before I met Meg, I was told that my first baby just could not nurse. ?I was told I was being selfish and was putting an ideal of nursing before my baby. ?Both of my sons had unidentified posterior tongue ties. ?Three IBCLC’s and two pediatricians, plus a litany of hospital staff missed these ties. ?My supply suffered as well because of this. ?My son was about 5 weeks when he met Meg. ?She was available by phone and text and her encouragement was so inspiring. ?He was about 3 months when he was finally able to nurse normally. My second son had a crazy breast aversion from birth. ?We saw Meg within the first few days after his birth. ?He was a stubborn one. ?It took him 5 months and 2 tongue tie revisions to nurse normally. ?Meg was always there to encourage me. ?I couldn’t even make my mouth form the words “I want to quit,” because she inspired and believed in me and my son so much. ?I recommend her wholeheartedly.