Private Lactation Consultations

Do I Need to See a Lactation Consultant? Possible reasons for a lactation consultation may include:

  • A painful and/or difficult latch, sore or damaged nipples
  • Baby weight gain issues, milk supply issues, fussiness or frustration at the breast
  • A baby that is “nursing all the time” and never seems satisfied
  • Prematurity or late preterm infant, multiples
  • Jaundice, tongue tie, medical issues/illness for mom or baby, past breast surgery
  • Food sensitivities or allergies for mom or baby
  • Returning to work, pumping issues, introducing solid food
  • Sleep issues related to feeding
  • Lactation support for an adopted baby, nursing an older baby, tandem nursing
  • Weaning  or any unresolved feeding issues or concerns

Great Beginnings Lactation Package

Initial + Follow Up Visits

  • In your home $270
  • In our office $250

This package combines your initial visit + your first follow up visit at a reduced cost. This is an ideal package for most of our clients. Typically, a return visit is helpful so that we may fine tune the plan implemented on our initial visit. We offer this and other services every Friday at the Alma Birth Center offices, for more information go to:

Initial Lactation Consultation

  • In your home $195
  • In our office $175

This initial consultation, usually about 2 hours in length, includes a thorough health history of both you and your baby, observation and assessment of how your baby feeds at the breast, as well as a gentle examination of you and your baby as needed.

We allow plenty of time for you to share your story, as well as all questions, concerns and insights you have pertaining to any challenges you are facing. At the end of our consultation, together we will create a written care plan that is feasible and workable for you and your family.

To encourage close communication we offer two complimentary 15 minute phone consultations with each initial visit.

Follow Up Lactation Consultation

  • In your home $95
  • In our office $75

While some breastfeeding challenges may be addressed in only one initial visit, some challenges may require additional meetings. Follow up consultations are generally 1 hour in length, during which time we will assess your progress and make adjustments to your care plan as needed.

To encourage continued close communication we offer two complimentary 15 minute phone consultations with each follow up visit.

Private Prenatal Consultation

  • In your home $145
  • In our office $125

We are available to meet with families during pregnancy to discuss any questions or concerns you have about breastfeeding. If you have had breastfeeding challenges in the past, we can help you create a plan for breastfeeding management prior to the birth of your new baby. Prenatal consultations are generally 1 hour to 90 minutes in length.

OHP Clients

We offer discounted visits with OHP clients in our office at the Alma Birth Center and scholarships for our community classes. Please contact us for more information about this program.

Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

This comprehensive class focuses on providing valuable information to empower families in feeling confident and informed from the very beginning of their breastfeeding journey. We will explore and discuss the following topics:

  • The physiology of nursing
  • How to establish a good milk supply
  • Achieving a comfortable latch
  • How to identify and prevent common breastfeeding issues
  • How to know if your baby is getting enough
  • Ways partners can help
  • Normal newborn behavior
  • Where and how to get help after you have had your baby

We suggest taking this class in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend.

This class is taught by one of our three (IBCLC) Lactation Consultants.

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Working and Breastfeeding Classes

Women have always worked and breastfed, but in our modern day world it can present some unique challenges. This is a class for the soon to be working parent, as well as the already working parent, to explore the nuts and bolts of balancing work and family. Some of the topics we will discuss are:

  • Pumping most effectively and efficiently at work
  • Working with your employer to create a supportive atmosphere to pump or breastfeed your baby
  • Creating a realistic plan with your family and care providers to support your goals as a breastfeeding mom
  • Being familiar with pump options and other supportive equipment needed for the working/breastfeeding mom

Please bring to class your pump and the bottle you feed your baby with.  Partners and Babies can come, too. Partners are encouraged to come to learn about bottle feeding for the breast fed baby and tools on how to provide support for the working mom.

This class is taught by one of our three (IBCLC) Lactation Consultants.

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Breastfeeding Support Groups

This is a weekly group for moms with their babies in arms.  Come to weigh your baby, ask breastfeeding, child development and parenting questions and get support from each other during this transitional time.  Throughout the year we have various speakers from the community join us to share their knowledge on a variety of parenthood and newborn topics.

Support group is open to breastfeeding parents and babies of all feeding choices and methods, we pride ourselves in having our groups be non-judgmental and supportive. We welcome all nursing parents; cisgender, non-binary, transgender + those who combine feeding styles and bottle feeders.

Support group is Facilitated by a Board certified lactation consultant from Natural Latch Lactation.  No need to pre-register, just come when you can!  Drop in fee is $5.

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